We are grateful to the following sources for funding us.

DOE Center Grant "CABBI" (2017-20, PI: Evan DeLucia)
NIH R01 grant (2015-18, PI: Sinha) "Quantitative Modeling of Sequence-to-Expression Relationship"
NIH U54 grant (2014-18, PD: Sinha & Han) BD2K Center of Excellence: KnowEnG, a Scalable Knowledge Engine for Large-Scale Genomic Data
MRI: Development of a Novel Computing Instrument for Big Data in Genomics (co-PI; PI: Steve Lumetta) (2013-17)
USDA grant (co-PI; PI: Marc Halfon, U Buffalo) (2012) to predict and test CRMs in insect species of agricultural importance.
EFRI-MIKS: MULTISCALE ANALYSIS OF MORPHOGEN GRADIENTS (co-PI; PI: Stanislav Shvartsman, Princeton) (2011) to address one of the most fundamental questions of developmental biology: what controls the spatial and temporal patterns of gene expression and cell differentiation?
NSF CAREER award (2008, PI: Sinha) (2008) for research to build probabilistic frameworks to discover cis-regulatory modules in metazoan genomes and elucidate how they have evolved across moderate to high divergence times
NIH R01 grant (2008, PIs: Sinha and Halfon) awarded to research new methods to predict cis-regulatory modules in Drosophila without relying on motifs. The predicted modules will be tested through reporter constructs.
NIH R01 grant (2008, co-PI: Sinha; PI: Scot Wolfe, Mike Brodsky (U.Mass.)) Systematic Characterization of Drosophila Transcription Factor Binding Specificities.
NIH R01 administrative supplement (2009, co-PI: Sinha; PI: David Arnosti (MSU)). Molecular analysis of transcriptional repression
NCSA Fellowship (2007-08, Sinha) awarded to research cis-regulatory analysis in the honeybee, using comparisons with other insect genomes.
CSE Fellowship (Jin Tae Kwak, jointly supervised by Sinha and Bhargava) awarded to research "Computational Methods for Cancer Diagnosis from FTIR Spectroscopy Data".